Thursday, March 17, 2011

tIred MInded DISEase

I treated my life Like IT was a Bathroom stall. It;s my FAULT!

A woman cried. we awoke to the noise of a truck. we didn't know what city we were in I sensed people sleeping all around me. i didn't know who they were. i knew cam was there. we had our jackets pulled tight around our knees. WE WERE TOO COLD to sleep. our fists were jammed against our chins. suddenly all the memories came rushing in, i knew what city we were in, i had to piss, i gasped, julie said "shut the fuck up."

My friends I want to ask you
How do You think it would feel
to awaken in the morn'
and have all your cares provided for
to see the face of Your Neighbor
and not seee bitter mistrust seething therein
how would it feel?
I ask You
to sleep soundly
to not lie awake with thoughts
thoughts of cold cells
thoughts of Human Filth on the sidewalk
thoughts of empty tables and broken promises/

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